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World Premier of a Nepali movie "CHALLENGE."
Location: 29th ANA Convention,
Westfield Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia
Time/Date: 2:00PM Sunday, July 3rd

Below is the promo/trailer of the movie.

Voice Entertainment’s first production venture CHALLENGE is an exclusive action packed suspense thriller about an ace Nepali challenger, Resh who challenges all with his up-to-the-minute stealing skills. He doesn’t only steal assets but he also steals the sleepy nights of a brave police officer Rohit and his team. The motion picture revolves around the struggle between Resh, Nepali police force and some British crooks Ben & Katia led by Moly who want to get hold of a "Dastabej" (historical epistle) written during the Anglo-Nepal war at Nalapani (1800AD) with their own objectives. Resh wants the "dastabej" to trouble and challenge Nepali police force(why?),the Nepali police want it to exhibit it in the country and the British crooks want it to negotiate with the British government. Resh is successful in stealing the "Dastabej" for the British with perfection but the story takes a turn when he is joined by Juli and Nancy. Although everyone has done everything with excellence, things doesn’t go as planned. Mysteries start finding an answer until the end of the movie.




Interview with Resh Marhatta (2009)



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