It is nonsense to think Buddha is Nepalese says Dalai Lama | Watch the video



Video of his Holiness the Dalai Lama where he said that “Buddha is an Indian” have been circulating around social media, and Nepalese are not happy with his statement.

Dalai Lama told the attendees that it is nonsense that Nepalese think Buddha is Nepalese. He also says that in ancient times, it was one big India, and teachings of Buddha whom he considers as a great Indian master, reached across Asia.

It is not clear what his intentions might be, but one should also think that he has been living in exile in India since 1959, and describes himself as a “Son of India”, thus can be loyal to India.  It could also be for political reasons or to please the crowd.  Yes one can argue that in ancient times there was no India as well so not only is he not Nepalese, but not also an Indian.   No matter what the intentions could be, it is an sensitive topic specially for Nepalese.

Below is his speech. Some parts of the speech were not clear.

“Buddha?? Do you think Buddha was Nepalese or Indian? Some Nepalese say Buddha was born in Lumbini. so part of Nepal. So Buddha was Nepalese not Indian. Eh!!! That’s nonsense, I think. In ancient times, this big that (speech not clear) so in anyway you see Buddha oh you see, Buddha an Indian, his teaching eventually whole/all Asia, you see his teaching reach whole Asia.
Firstly China, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Laos. Through China, then Korea, Japan and north..Tibet, Mongolia, and some republics in Russia. So that is Buddha not Tibetan, not Chinese but Indian.

So ancient times I think one great Indian master’s teaching reach whole Asia. Now Buddha Dharma..I never say you see Buddha Dharma is best. I never say. This religion is better that religion is better. We can not say.

Different religion which is suitable to them is best for them. This religion is best. We can not say. “

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