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Nepali movie "MAYA BASECHHA." Click here to watch the movie

Hamro Tara by The Vibez

Life of Acting-Namrata Shrestha

Interview with Madan Krishna Shrestha

Interview with Promise Phan Tamang

Kali Timro Najarle by Tanka Budhathoki and Manisha Pokhrel

Sunny Leone's dance in Nepal
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Nepali Movies

Nepali movie "NIKHIL DAI"

Nepali movie "BAZAAR"


Nepali movie "Nai Nabhannu La 2"

Nepali movie Jwalamukhi

Nepali movie MAYA BAIGUNI

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Clash in the Constituent Assembly (Video)

Protest against Bandha in Butwal

Youth protesting against The Bandha

Clash between the police and the protestors against the rally in Kupondole.

Will there be Constitution? Deadline approaching...

Monthly Salaries for Nepali Cricket Players

More News Videos

Music Videos

Song: Mapase Le Maryo
Artist: Ramji Khand and Purnakala BC

Song: Malai Ghagar Ra Choli
Artist: Manisha Pokharel

Song: Timro Najar Bhanda
Artist: Ratna Maharjan

Song: Hukka
Artist: Ranjit Lama

Song: Panchi
Artist: The Outsiders

Song: Sambandha-Unplugged
Artist: The Outsiders

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Interviews & More

Movers and Shakers-Episode 51

Interview with Dr. Swarnim Wagle, Member, National Planning Commission.

Opportunities and Challenges for Nepal on SAARC Summit.

Congolese Children Singing Nepali song "Beni Ko Bazaar."

Interview with Teriya Magar - Winner of DID L'lil Master

Interview with Dr. Shekhar Koirala on Fireside

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Nepali comedies

Click for meri bassai

Tito Satya

Click for Jire Khursani

Meri Bassai..Jan 6th, 2015

Tito Satya... June 19th

Jire Khursani...June 24th

ICC Twenty 20 Cricket World Cup 2014

Nepal-Afghanistan-Full Highlights-ICC T20 World Cup 2014.

Nepal-Afghanistan-Shafiqullah-Press Conference-ICC T20 World Cup 2014.

Nepal-Afghanistan-Press Conference-ICC T20 World Cup 2014.

Nepal-Afghanistan-Jitendra Man of The Match-ICC T20 World Cup 2014.

Nepal-Afghanistan-Match Presentation-ICC T20 World Cup 2014.

Nepal-Afghanistan-Jitendra Mukhiya Bowlings-ICC T20 World Cup 2014.

More Cricket Highlights

Nepali Olympic Team in London

Nepali Ambassador to UK speaking to Nepalese Olympic Team

Ganga Bdr Magar, Chef De Mission - Nepali Olympic Team

Tilak Ram Tharu, an Olympian from Nepal.

Sneh Rana, an Olympian from Nepal.

Pramila Rijal, an Olympian from Nepal

Shreya Dhital, an Olympian from Nepal during London Olympics

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London Olympics 2012 SunSilk Bridal Competition Result, Pictures and more Pictures of Nepalese Summerfest 2012

London Olympics

SunSilk Bridal Competition 2012

 Nepalese Summerfest

London Olympics 2012

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